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 Thank You to Our Patrons 

An Offer You Can't Refuse - $1250

Lauren & Jerry Shen

The O'Mara Family

Becki & Alex Watlington

Cheryl & John Freiburg

The Helmy Family
Hoglin Family*

Never Go Against the Family  - $750

Stanley Huang & Annie Shih
Ed & Stacy Paek

Michael Villalobos & Laura Orozco*

Olivia Ho's Family

Philip & Julianne Webb

The Zanotti Family

The Wen Family (Donald Wen & Selena Xie)

Rosemary & David Wang

The Scalise Family

Linda Lin & Jian Li

Keep Your Friends Close - $500

Jennifer & Kyu Kang

Carrie Chan’s Family*

The Apple Tree Family*

Anqi’s Family*

Paul & Jia Jia (Georgia) Chen*

Toby & Michael Chou*

Vince & Erin Clougherty*

The Eldringhoff Family*

Donovan & Amanda Janus*

Francesca & Brandon Gill*

Kelli Nakayama*

Nikolai San Juan Gz*

Toby & Yuka Hsieh*

Alison & Patrick Jeffries*

The Jump Family*

Sophia Zhang*

Ethan Lau & Family*

The Onishi Family*

Annie Chou*

The Rastogi Family*

The Roddick Family*

The Rome Family*

Ted & Hwannie Shen*

Tommy & Lisa Vuong*

The Wilson Family*

Parents of Preston Wong*

Makiko & Steve Wong*

Rong Han*

The Yeganeh Family*

Michelle & Edward Yen*

Emily Kim & Philip Zhuo*

Sage Legacy Law, LLP

The Zee Family

Kristin & Chris Pagano

Sarah & Jeff Morris

Luyi & Shawn Chou

The Vishwanath Family

The Hughes Family

Leon Hollis Family

The Wildeman Family

The Blinchik Family

Christy & Jeffrey Lin

The Guerreros

Diane & Mark Schmidt

Michelle, Jackson & Ethan Chu Family

Jeff & Dr. Charmayne Ross Pediatric Therapy Specialist, Inc.

The Mellis Family

Lei Kwock Family

Jiacheng Wu & Ying Jiang Family

Cathy & Joel Newton

Charles Chen & Shell Huang Family

Christina & Rob Trauber

The Berenji Family

The Pathak Family

Take The Cannoli - $250

I'm Smart And I Want Respect - $150

It's Not Personal - $100 Donation

*Fantastic Fox Patrons

Questions? Contact the event chairs at

All donations above the full market value (FMV) of the patron package are tax-deductible.

Huntington Middle School PTA, Tax ID: 95-6116587

1700 Huntington Drive, San Marino, CA 91108

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